About Us

RivaCore is a team of expert surveyors and construction professionals committed to providing the highest quality survey services to the construction industry in Manitoba.

Our primary goal is to provide you with the most responsive service time in the industry and to earn your trust through our exceptional service.

We have the utmost pride in our work and our main focus is to build a reputation of reliability with you.

Our Services

RivaCore quite simply provides survey services to the Construction Industry. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Construction layouts
  • Elevation grids
  • Grade staking
  • Benchmark establishment
  • Topographic data acquisition
  • Volume calculations
  • Profiles & contours

We do this using the latest in GPS and Total Station technologies to provide maximum efficiency and accuracy giving you the best product at the most affordable price. The use of scanners, drones, and bathymetric equipment is utilized when it is efficient or required by our fully trained staff.

Through our professional partnerships, we will also care for your professional needs such as:

  • Legal Survey (property boundary)
  • Engineering


For any service inquiries or estimates please contact:

Colin Rivard
204. 293. 4526